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The late Archbishop Servant of God Mar Ivanios OIC was born on 21st September1882 at Mavelikara in HH the initial preparation he moved to Mundanmala, near Perunadu, Ranni in Kerala and founded the Order of Imitation of Christ which is also known as Bethany Ashram on 15th August 1919. Within no time Bethany ashram with its beloved founder was instrumental in creating a wave of spiritual renaissance in the Catholic Church. Apart from the spiritual leadership Mar Ivanios played a colossal role in the social transformation of his motherland. His phenomenal works among the outcastes, downtrodden and women and in the field of healthcare and education manifest the pioneering role he played as a social reformer. Noteworthy among his social reforms were the number of schools he established. A striking factor of these schools was that the majority of these institutions were established in remote areas. The results were dramatic. A large number of people from these areas became professors, civil servants who in turn contributed their share in social transformation. Looking back at Mar Ivanios’ life and the things he achieved, it looks quite unbelievable. He achieved more than what two or three generations could achieve in one stroke. He was certainly a true missionary with a vision …............. a man to mediate, a priest to imitate and a prophet to follow.


The Order of the Imitation of Christ (OIC) also known as the Bethany Ashram was founded by the Servant of God Archbishop Mar Ivanios OIC in the Malankara Syrian Orthodox Church on 15th August 1919 at Perunadu, near Ranni in Pathanamthitta District of Kerala. Bethany Ashram was the first monastic community in the Malankara Church. It had a unique vision and mission. It harmoniously blends in its life the monastic ideals of the Christian East and Indian Sanyasa in a particular lifestyle that is actualized in intense and prayer apostolic activities. The name ‘Bethany Ashram’ itself is a symbol of this. A simple and austere life atmosphere of intense prayer and solitude, saffron (Kavi) habit, and community life are some of the basic features of this lifestyle. Soon after its foundation Bethany Ashram became a center of spiritual solace for the Malankara church. In 1930 most of its members along with the founder embraced the communion of the Catholic Church. Thus Bethany Ashram became the cradle of the historic re-union movement and the Malankara Catholic Church.
The early members were actively involved in building up of the Malankara Catholic Church in the Catholic communion. They undertook a wide range of apostolic activities after the consolidation of the Malankara Catholic Church with an “All India Missionary Vision: bequeathed to Bethany Ashram by her beloved founder, the Ashram began to grow and branch out In 1966 the Congregation was raised to the Pontifical Status. On 24th April 2000 two provinces were erected in the Congregation: Bethany Navajeevan Province and Bethany Navjyothi Province.


Started in 1961, Bethany Ashram, Kanjiramkulam is one of the mission centres of the congregation in the southern coastal areas. Bethany Fathers established Malankara Syrian Catholic Parishes in and around Kanjiramkulam along with some other social apostolates of the congregation. Four L P schools are attached with three parishes and functioning till date providing good and quality education. Initially and till 2017, the mission was under the ecclesiastical jurisdiction of Major Arch diocease of Trivandrum. When it is bifurcated and erected Dioceace of Parassala, Bethany Ashram discharges the pastoral concern in Parassala Diocese, under the spiritual leadership of His Excellency Most. Rev. Dr. Thomas Mar Eusebios, the Diocesan Metropolitan. Bethanians serve in the six Parishes- Kanjiramkulam, Aprem Nagar, Pampukala, Poovar, Chekkady and Ettukutty and other apostolic activities. The Bethany family has crossed many milestones and is privileged to provide an all-inclusive school for a child from pre-primary to the Senior Secondary in Kanjiramkulam.